Foloop Improves the leads followup and help you in better management of your business.

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Manage your leads in a more organized manner, improves staff multitasking skills, track your client's engagement, and monitor your data. Do many more just with Foloop.

Foloop helps our Business to communicate more better with the clients. Now we can mail broshure with a micro website to compare all teh other plans with details. Foloop is an amazing application.

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Unified your data in organised way only with "FOLOOP"

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The internet provides the largest network for generating sales leads in Event industry. But the management is quite difficult so Foloop helps you to Follow-up those leads more effectively. Send your prospectus in an effective way to attract your customers, Foloop Micro Website helps you to define more about your services, Management is not a major issue with foloop.

Event management is the process of using business management and organizational skills to envision, plan and execute social and business events. For better Lead Management Foloop is a much better platform for Lead Follow-up. Event management teams often work closely with public relations, foloop brings out the best coordination in the team to convert maximum leads into Profit.

"The Foloop evolution in Lead Management"

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    "Email Alerts"
    Customized Email Alerts.
    Foloop provides customize email alerts for the business. To increase better interaction with the customer and service provider.

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    "Micro Website"
    Multiple Offers at once
    With Foloop you can sent multiple offers to your customers. So that they can get maximum choices as per their budget.

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    "Coupan Codes"
    Give offers via Coupons
    Now send coupans to your customers with Foloop. These codes generate in just one click for a limited period of time.

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    "Online Storage"
    Get Relief from Data Storage
    With Foloop you can get unlimited data storage of your business leads. You can access your whole data at one place with filteration.

Ensure safety with industrial regulations

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Foloops encrypted security provides you a customized platform to secure your data. With lots of amazing features to make your follow-up far better from the traditional one with advanced techniques and security.