Vital features of the "Foloop" application

  • Image for Scheduling

    "Micro Website"

    Give your customers a Micro website to give more information about your service.

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    "Lead Management"

    Manage your leads more effectively with Foloop Lead management System.

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    "Email Templates"

    Send your customers beautiful Email Templates with images to give a more better impression of your company.

  • Image for Monitoring


    Foloop helps you to monitoryour leads also detect problems that affect on your leads approval.

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    Get alerts on your application so that you will never missed your precious customer Lead.

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    "Coupan Codes"

    Give your customers an awesome way to offer discount through Coupan Codes.

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    "Online Payment"

    Give your customers an option to pay online through online payment gateway.

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    Analyize your business performance apply filter on your leads and much more with Foloop.

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    "Sms Alert"

    Give your customers sms alerts with the mail so that your customer never missed your mail.

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    "Online Storage"

    Foloop gives you unlimited cloud storage to procure your precious leads data.

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    "Telephonic Notes"

    Foloop helps you to store your telephonic conversation with your customer with telephonic remarks.

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    "Online Documentation Uploading"

    Give your customer an option to upload the documents online and get rid of documents piling.

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    "Online Brochure"

    Send multiple online brochure to your customers in just one click via Foloop.