Not able to convert enough enquiries? You may need Foloop follow-up App.

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Foloop gives you best Follow Up Sequence for Sales, approach customer like never before, give your sales team an effective mode of follow-up to seal the deal, Manage your team work, Send email alerts to show that you concern for client's time .

Foloop gives a great follow-up experience to us. Now we are able to respond quickly on the email updates recieved by our clients through Foloop brochure. Their autonomous alerts saves lots of time of our staff. Customers love to feel that they are unique, through foloop we will spark some curiosity in them and get their interest.

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Unify your leads and boost client's approval

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Give your client a detailed brochure with Foloop well built follow-up application. It allows your cutomer to upload their documents , give detailed information regarding your services, SMS alert to customers and staff with customize alerts.

Foloop is easy to use and best follow-up tool for "Insurance Industry" communicate with your customer in a managed emailing and SMS system So get in touch with your Business and customers in a well managed Foloop Application. 

The global leader in social media management

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    "Beautiful Email"
    Customized Email Template.
    Foloop provides a well-crafted personalized and beautiful email. This will not only increase your conversion probability of desired leads.

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    "Email Alert"
    Get Client Update
    With Foloop you can get customer updates on the quotation like Call Request, Book Now and Reply.

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    "Online Documentation uploading"
    Recieve Documents
    With Foloop client can directly upload their document, get relief from documents hard copy pieling and save enviroment as well.

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    "Online Storage"
    Get Relief from Data Storage
    With Foloop you can get unlimited data storage of your business leads. You can access your whole data at one place with filteration.

Ensure safety with industrial regulations

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Foloop's security solutions provide a platform where you can secure your business leads, implement your secure foloow-up process, Lock it via encrypted passwords of your own and get a great experience like never before.